System Centre Updates Publisher and ConfigMgr 2012 – Part 2 Partner Catalogues

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So in part one, we installed and configured SCUP.  Now we can import some partner catalogues and deploy updates.  At the time of writing the partners available are Adobe, Dell, Fujitsu and HP.

So open up SCUP and browse to the Catalogues workspace, click add catalogues


You should then see this:


Select and add the catalogue you require.  To import into SCUP, right click the catalogue and import:


Click all the way through the wizard to completion.  Go to your updates workspace and you will see the new catalogue available.

So let’s say we want to release an update for flash player, open up the adobe folder, flash player and look at the last update


We don’t want to release an expired update, we want the latest version, so right click the update and assign, give your software update bundle a name that you will easily identify, full content:


Hit ok and move to your publications workspace.  Find your ‘Flash Update’, right click and publish, finish the wizard.  That’s everything completed on the SCUP side.  Note your update needs to be classified as something that ConfigMgr is looking for – example if ConfigMgr is not set to look for Security updates it will never see this update.

Over to ConfigMgr – go software library and sync the SUP.  Now go to the administration workspace, sites and configure site components.  Select Software Update point:


You should now see adobe in there, tick it and make sure your classifications are correct:


As configured above we will see the flash update as it is a security update and ConfigMgr is set to search for it.

Check your wsyncmgr.log to confirm the SCP has synced.

In your software library, add criteria to the search, Vendor – Adobe Systems Inc, search. 


Flash player update is now available.  So you can now deploy to your clients. 

In part 3 we will go through creating your own in-house software catalogue to handle updates.