Use DCM to change a registry key – Cisco VPN for windows 8

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Cisco VPN does not work natively on windows 8.  The problem is that the virtual adapter can’t get enabled because of an incorrect registry setting.  A ‘&’ sign and various other unsupported characters end up in the display name of the adapter which stops it from being created.

Solution is to change the text to remove any unsupported characters and it works.  This is all very well except you would have to do this on each machine individually.  We are going to use DCM in SCCM 2012 to correct this.

Install the VPN client on your test machine as you normally would.  This is important as you will need to connect to it to create the DCM Item.  Ensure remote registry is enabled and you have permission to connect to it.

Firstly go to the Assets and Compliance workspace, open compliance settings > Configuration Items:


Right click create Configuration Item Wizard:


Fill in the details, it’s a windows setting so make sure you have windows selected, then platform:


New, keep as registry setting, browse to your test machine using the NetBIOS name.

The Key we are looking for in this instance is: HKLM/SYstem/CurrentControlSet/Services/CVirtA/DisplayName


Configure as below removing any unsupported characters (&*) etc:


Ok this, then on the compliance rules tab, edit the Display name equals rule and configure as below:


This will then change the key to the correct setting.  Finish the wizard.

Go to the Configuration baselines and right click new:

Add your newly created configuration item:


Right click and deploy to the collection that you want.  When the client polls for new policy it will see the configuration item and apply.  Make sure you click remediate and allow outside the maintenance window.  Cool!