Add and Configure Hyper-V in windows 8

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Windows 8 added the functionality to have Hyper-V installed locally.  This allows you to build all the VM’s you ever need.

Firstly make sure that VT is enabled in your BIOS, Then to add it, go to control panel, turn windows features on or off




If the Hyper-V Platform is greyed out, then you haven’t enabled VT or your machine is not capable of VT. Click OK all the way through and then from your start screen you will have the following:


In order to make it work you will need a network switch, so open hyper-v manager and select virtual switch manager:


To use your machines internet to connect to the outside world, configure an external switch:


Give it a name that means something to you, specify the external connection that you will use, apply and OK.  This switch is now available to use in creating a Hyper-V machine.

Apply the same thinking to enable an internal network for the machines to talk to each other.

Nice and simple.