Create a Windows 8 Answer file

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Windows 8 and Server 2012 annoy me, no matter what you do, you end up with the localisation as USA.  Which is fine if you are in the US, but as i am not, I need a way round this for deployment.

Grab the Windows System Image Manager from the Windows 8 ADK –

Useful Link for Windows SIM :

Install the deployment tools

Open the Windows System Image Manager.  Mount your windows 8 ISO first, copy the files to a folder that you have read/write access to. This is important as you need the R/W to be able to customise.

Find the install.wim


Click create catalogue file, wait a while!


Then File, new answerfile, open an in image – point to the install.wim file.  You should now have the below:


Now all we want to do with this as an example is change the system local to UK, so select as below in the windows image window – amd64_Microsoft-Windows-International-Core_6.2.9200.16384_neutral


Right click and select the two options:


Change the settings as required:


Save your answerfile as autounattend.xml

To use this with ConfigMgr for deployment, create a package with source files, no program and distribute it to your DP’s.

In your Windows 8 task Sequence on the Apply Operating System step, configure as below:


Before you go any further – validate your answerfile.  No point wasting time waiting on a build from a TS to find out it does not work, so from the tools menu, validate answer file and see if you have any issues in the window below.


Run your Task Sequence and check your region:


All done!

This is just the simplest of overviews of what you can do with an answerfile, but the principles are the same no matter what you want to achieve.